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Trouble in the MVEMBA matrimony?


Socialite Biscuit de Mer aka Coco Emilia aka Emilia Mvemba is stirring up controversy once again.

Married to the wealthy Francis Mvemba, since April 2021, Emilia Mvemba just yanked off her husband’s last name from all social media platforms.

She also removed all of the Mvemba couple pictures posted online, leaving room for speculation… Is there trouble in paradise?

Francis Mvemba’s best man at his wedding made a cryptic post, allegedly referring to this situation.

In it he says “For better or for worst is not a child’s play!”.

Coco Emilia and Francis Mvemba have a daughter together, barely few months of age.

Is this the end of the Mvemba couple or simply a PR stunt?

We’ll keep an eye out!


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