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Lesline’s Fans Set Up Fundraiser After Her Departure From Record Label


Singer Lesline’s fans have set up a fundraiser to “to support her in music career” days after her messy departure from US based recording label – Niki Heat Entertainment.

The online campaign has a target amount of 2,000,000frs and contributions are currently pouring in.

Lesline, a talented singer with a gifted voice and commanding presence both on and off stage, quickly rose to fame after her appearance at The Voice Afrique.

The young artist was quickly spotted and signed by Niki Heat Entertainment (Known for their vast endeavours such as Niki Heat Model Management, Niki Beauty Studio, and Niki Makeup Academy).

For years, Lesline released several songs and her latest single “I do” was released last year, 2020 and was received with grave acclaim.

However, things quickly unravelled this year when Niki heat announced Lesline’s departure but her scheduled EP would be released nonetheless.

Lesline quickly responded to this announcement and her fans did not stay silent either.

When contacted for a comment, Niki Heat Management said “no comment” but Lesline had a few words to say, “unless God watches over a city, then we watch in vain,” she said.

For now, Lesline’s EP “The Voice” has been released and her fans are raising funds for career.

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