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Miss Cameroon accused of having a pointless mandate


All it took were a series of pictures from Audrey Monkam current Miss Cameroon to trigger the wrath of Cameroonians.

Her caption hailed Cameroon as a powerful nation, but her good words were quickly halted by fans who were having none of it.

They did not hold back, and dropped several comments on their opinions about the Miss and her current mandate.

The message was quite unanimous, both anglophones and francophones accused her of not doing anything tangible during her mandate.

Others enquired about the status of her project which she had announced during her election.

They also taunted her for constant social media publications but no proper action.

Some stated how happy they were with her mandate slowly coming to an end.

It is worth mentioning that Miss Cameroon was seen sensitizing the public during the Covid-19 pandemic. She was pictured handing out hand sanitizers and face masks.

She has attended some public events, official gatherings and social events too.

Anything else is unknown, did she execute her mandate plan? Did she bring people together (English and French) during her mandate? Did she use her voice to call out social injustices like rape, domestic violence, human trafficking?

Did she participate in the 237 societal discourse? Or did she fail?


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