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Actress Malvis Ann Mocks Daphne’s Rape Story?


Earlier today we reported on singer Daphne’s heartfelt reveal of her rape as a child.

While several industry stakeholders have rallied behind the award-winning singer with support and kind words, a post by actress Malvis Ann Mohvu quickly stood out for the wrong reasons.

In a post, the actress makes a joke about Daphne’s reveal by associating her with award winning actor Kang Quintus.

Daphne and Quintus both star in the Cameroonian movie “Fisherman’s Diary” and are known to have a cordial relationship.

Malvis’ post quickly went viral and she has been receiving backlash from fans.

It is alleged both Malvis and Quintus have been at loggerheads for about a year after she turned down his sexual advances.

If this is the case, we highly encourage her to speak up!


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