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Fans react to X-Maleya Splitting Up


Trio X-Maleya has had a rocky professional relationship for a few months and rumors have been spreading about a potential split amongst its members.

For several years, X-Maleya was made up of Auguste, Roger (often considered the lead singer), and Hais (Guitarist and sometimes singer) and as their professional journey progressed, they bagged awards, endorsements, and concerts.

This came crashing in 2020 when Auguste informed fans online and via radio shows that he had been alienated from the group. Fans confirmed this three days ago when “Belle-mere” video clip by X-Maleya was released.

In it we see only Roger and Hais together, no Auguste insight. Fans were quick to point that out in the comment sections.

Will this new duo ever return to the dynamic duo? or did they experience irreconcilable differences?

Only time will tell. Have a look below.


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