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Daphne : “My man strongly believes in sex after marriage”


During a Twitter exchange, singer Daphne expressed the frustration she feels every time people ask about her having a baby.

In a tweet she referenced renowned rapper Nicki Minaj who recently announced she was expecting her first child at age 37.

Daphne states; “Look at Nicki having a baby at 37, I no longer want people to ask me when are you getting pregnant or you should get pregnant”.

A twitter user commented underneath her post , making reference to the fact that such comments have never been of public opinion and he suggested, she should not bring her man’s message to the public.

Daphne was quick to respond and her reply was so juicy; she stated “my man strongly believes in sex after marriage“.

Fans on twitter have been having a great day commenting about her revelation as the idea of waiting until marriage to have sex is so often soo far-fetched in today’s society.

It is worth mentioning that Daphne is currently engaged to her American based boo and recently celebrated her 30th (so we believe) birthday.

Have a look below;


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