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“I am girlie and that’s why people think I am gay” – Fhish


As a guest on MC Charlene‘s instagram live session, Fhish did not hold back on anything and took out time to talk about the rumours around his sexual orientation.

The whispers and rumours have always been there, as fans have always questioned his sexuality. Hence, it was normal that MC Charlene addressed the elephant in the room.

How did you handle that when you heard such a rumour?MC Charlene asked.

With no hesitation what so ever, Fhish acknowledged that his behaviour and mannerism were what caused the proliferation of this rumour.

“I am girlie, I am girlie like that. The music got me girlie” He said. “I find myself doing girlie things… and that’s why people started saying I was gay”.

MC Charlene tried defending him by stating that she knows he “likes women” and has a partner and a baby too.

It’s great that he not only addressed the issue but explained why there was a misconception to begin with.


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