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Did Mimie try too hard in her video clip “J’avance” ?


Lets go back in time when we were introduced to a young stunning singer… Mimie! Most of us took notice of her when she released the track “Dona“.

In no time she was signed to the renowned record label Empire Company; the tracks then rolled in. One after the next, from; “Je m’en fou“, to “Ten-Ten” and several collaborations.

Then things changed… the charismatic young lady with so much potential slowly became dull, monotonous or even copy cat in her tracks.

Her latest release “J’avance” was highly anticipated; but did not deliver as expected.

Let’s talk about the good sides of it all; the track’s beat is danceable (very similar to a Nigerian song), the video clip is very appealing (with great dancers, makeup, wardrobe, location and choreography).

Here are the “not so good sides”; The lyrics are plain and do not in any shape or form relate to the video clip or beat. The hook is not catchy and as usual monotonous. Her dancing skills were sometimes difficult to watch, with her appearing stiff. Some of her outfits did not fit properly and other choices would have been preferable.

It is important that her management works on her music (even if it entails getting a writer), her dancing, and most especially her social media (it needs a complete make over).

Singer Mimie is a talented, hardworking lady who needs just a little polishing to become one of Cameroon’s top female artists.

Hopefully we see some progress. Have a look below;


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