We take you down memory lane; how a super talented rapper was signed under one of Cameroon’s most prominent record label – Big Dreams Entertainment. The same record label that successfully made singer Locko a household name; touring the world and topping the charts.

3 years! and it’s a wrap, Rapper Ko-C has officially walked away from his partnership and has decided to continue his musical journey as a solo artist.

We breakdown his musical journey while in the label and start off with his official reveal to the public back in 2017. Back then, many did not know who he was but that was soon going to change…

First stop; “March 12th, 2017” – “I Love You” Ko-c ft Locko

Locko reveals to the public this young “super fast” rapper, who easily blends English, French and pidgin.This song was far from being a hit, to get there Big dreams and Ko-C needed to keep working! and so they did …

“October 14th, 2017” – “Bolo C’est Bolo” Ko-C

This was it! The song that made rapper Ko-C a household name. Fans across the nation and the world sang along. From there onwards, Ko-C became a force to reckon with in the 237 entertainment scene.

“January 2018” – “Do Like I Do” Dj Zoumanto, Ko-C , Mimie

This was the one of several collaborations label Big Dreams secured for rapper KO-C. His signature phrase “Gimme the mic yo” was always heard and fans got to his name by heart.

“July 14th, 2018” – “Balance” KO-C ft Tenor

If for a second, we assumed that an artist could never have two hit songs in such a short time, Ko-C and Big Dreams proved us wrong with the release of this track. ‘Till date it remains one of 237’s finest songs.

“December 9th, 2018” – “Sango” KO-C ft Fanicko

This track was a huge success; perfectly suited for worship, while motivating and empowering music lovers.

Then we quickly noticed a slow down in the rapper’s fast rise; he did several features but never as big as the ones before. He went on “tours” abroad but … no longer on a sporadic win.

Then he released “Ca a cuit” – “June 14th, 2020”

This track struggled to be a hit. Weeks passed and views online reflected the slow pace at which fans were responding to his new music. The song itself was noisy and redundant especially in its chorus. Definitely not one of his finest pieces (as per LadyT’s opinion).

Months went by and KO-C became quite vocal on Twitter ; releasing some controversial tweets and to crown it all, he deleted all pictures on his IG … and then the news dropped!

Ko-C Says he needs to be paid more than 1million frs before he performs.

KOC says he will be Celebrated when he is gone.

KO-C was leaving his record label Big Dreams Entertainment.


  1. Honestly its not going to be easy champ… but believe in your craft and keep your head up.. if you were able to make a hit, i believe you can do it again.
    Best of luck…


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