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Key Changes in AlphaBeta Records Label You Need To Know.


For years now, Alpha Better Records has been amongst Cameroon’s biggest labels having top artists like Mr Leo, Salatiel, Blaise B and Askia.

Years later so many changes have occurred in this renowned label. Let’s have a look;

Mr Leo now has his own label – Lionn Production with two artists Gomez and Kameni.

These two artists have been doing amazing, releasing video clips back to back, winning awards, and having shows in a row.

Blaise B on the other hand, this year officially announced his departure from Alphabeta records to focus more on his Akwandor music.

Finally Askia; the first to leave the bunch, has been a solo artist releasing singles, and organising the bag concert and series.

So for now, Salatiel is regarded as the main artist in the label if only he decides to sign more artists.

As they all go about their respective musical journey, we look forward to seeing their growth.


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