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New video out now: Deenah-Green Light.



BGC Melody, the rising PanAfrican record label based in Cameroon and the United States, with staff and offices across a number of African countries, has released a new single for its female artiste Deenah. “Green Light” is the title of the dancehall fusion song, in which Deenah tells her love interest, “Gimme dat Green Light, and I would do anything you want, boy!”

This is Deenah’s third single with the record label, and planned to be the last before she launches a very loaded album of almost 20 songs, including a collabo with new Senegalese sensation Wally Seck.

The video is now live on YouTube and the audio is available on all online music streaming platforms.

Africa’s rising most talented female Rap Vocalist hits hard again! Deenah stars as a liberated small town lover girl seeking the #GreenLight to pursue the man of her dreams. The champion of gender equality and freedom is not scared of taking the lead role in romance; she does it against all cultural odds, rejecting the emotional and financial dependence of so-called “slay queens”. Also starring in the video as her love interest are male supermodel T Pana Wynchester and famous actress Glory Chando.

A low budget BGC RED Production, directed by Unkle Chinois. And co-directed by multiple award-winning actress Laura Onyama, the video is designed to demonstrate what is possible when good people with small money and big ideas pursue their dreams.

More about Deenah: Facebook/Instagram/Twitter: @deenah237.

BGC Melody on Facebook: @bgc237 / @bgcllc; Instagram: @bgcmanagement




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