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Cameroonian Entertainers complain about the Entertainment industry.


These past days Cameroonians have been throwing out complains about Nigerians not supporting Cameroonian Entertainment products.

We’ve had Entertainers like Tzy Panchak, Cameroonian International Mc Charlene and KO-C.

Cameroonian singer Tzy Panchak released a statement complaining about Cameroonian companies who don’t support Cameroonian Artists but support and pay huge amounts for foreign Artists to come perform in Cameroon.

He goes on to say these companies bring in the same Artists to come perform in shows all the time making it impossible for upcoming Artists to get to the spotlight.

He calls on companies like Orange Cameroon and MTN Cameroon to copy from their mates in Nigeria and give back to the people consuming their products.

Conclusively, he said without any doubt that Salatiel made Beyonce trend in Cameroon.

According to Mc Charlene Beyonce was just smart to come to Africa to make business, because afterwards, she will organise concerts in Africa and make her billions.

She further condemns Africans for celebrating collaborations like it’s an independence.

She says coming to Africa to help Africans develop their skills and teach music is different.

She ends by saying Africans blogs especially Nigerian blogs didn’t bother to mention Cameroonians when talking about the album, She finished by saying Africans are not united but divided.

KO-C on his part, says the Nigerian Entertainment industry had built a block on their part to stop Cameroonian music from getting into their country.

KO-C also urges Cameroonians to respect and value their own if not they won’t be regarded with respect by foreign Industries.

Conclusively, he still laments on the fact that Nigerians snobbed Cameroon on Beyonce’s Album hype.



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