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The 2019 Music Year Has Been Entertaining; Check Out Why.


The 2019 Kamer musical year has been an active one; so much has happened and definitely more is still to happen as the year runs out.

From the clashes and drama, to the recognitions and achievements; we give you a run down of the good, the bad and the ugly.

Let’s begin with Tzy Panchak’s nationwide trend after he featured upcoming artists on the track “Na So”. He urged established artists to lift upcoming artists.

Tzy Panchak – Na so ft Vernyuy Tina, Cleo Grae and Vivid [Review]

His actions made everyone talk about Vernyuy Tina, who was amongst the featured artists. Her brief verse and unique voice captivated music lovers across the globe; this she harness this brief fame the right way? Only time will tell.

Up next we had KO-C; still under Big Dreams Entertainment, the 237 is still to have a hit track this year.

His 2019 track “Ca a cuit”, is struggling to have a million views on YouTube several months after it’s release.

Prior to that rumours flooded social media about him allegedly impregnating a video vixen Janister Blanche.

Is Ko-c going to be a dad soon?
KO-C : “I’m not the father and know nothing about that pregnancy “

Let’s not even talk about his beef with Mboko God, Jovi.

That not withstanding, he is currently on his European tour; will he keep the flame burning? Time will tell.

Bamenda boy Magasco also made news after he left Empire music and created his own record label “BBOY Records”.

This bold move was followed by the official track “Cami Toyota” being dropped, which until date is still to be a hit a track.

Magasco-Cami Toyotta:Fans not Happy with the output.
Magasco: “I am not signed to Universal Music Africa in no shape or form”

He also had to clear the air following reports of him joining Universal Music Africa alongside Pitt Barcardi, Charlotte Dipanda and others.

We are currently waiting on his Heart Album to be released in the months ahead.

Jovi couldn’t be left out as he dropped his EP and Album while beefing with several people along the way; … anyways that’s Jovi.

New Video:Jovi -Ouleu(Official Video)

The ladies haven’t been silent either;

We had Mimie being accused of copying Blanche Bailly’s “money” concept as she released her track “TenTen” on the same day with Blanche.

She quickly had to clear the air about the accusations and hopefully fans have moved on from that drama.

Did Mimie Copy Blanche Bailly’s ‘Money’ Concept?
Mimie says her “Ten Ten” has nothing to do with Blanche Bailly’s Argent

Daphne too was accused of plagiarism; as an upcoming artist accused her of copying her song “Doucement”.

Till date the “calee” queen is still to make a statement about the whole controversy.

Is Daphne’s “Doucement” A Stolen Song?

Askia and Tilla still beefing with each other, well that’s nothing new.

BAG series:Askia promises to invite Tilla if she sees the “bigger picture”.
“It’s really funny how you are talking about seeing a bigger picture” Tilla replies ASKIA

The talk of the town though is Salatiel ‘s collaboration with Beyonce on her “The Lion King: The Gift” album.

He collaborated with Pharrel and Queen Bey on the track “Water” and we are still to recover from that.

Listen to Salatiel ft Beyonce and Pharrel – WATER [Exclusive]

Feel free to mention yours if we left out any trending 237 happenings.


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