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The Hidden voice Second edition: Auditions set for july 27,2019.


The PenjoStudios Is pleased to announce the highly anticipated second edition of The Hidden Voice Auditions set for Saturday 27th July 2019, at Pullman Hotel, Bonanjo, Douala. Registrations are now open on www.thehiddenvoice.tv

Its maiden edition had 5 winners who are already releasing their single Mashups, covers produced by PenjoStudios.

This second edition will be broadcast on Canal2 English. The competitions commence after the auditions.Unlike the first edition, which was carried out on ONLINE MEDIA PLATFORMS, the second edition will be more like a reality television show.

To spice it up, PenjoStudios has decided to add more interesting activities such as; training workshops about music and its business, artist branding, the music quality and many more.

The Hidden Voice” is a unique project, one-of-a-kind in the world of music. It is characterized by the unique format of the event, variety of stylistics and performing features of aspiring musicians from different parts of the country, openness to the new, the intrigue of contest, combination of entertainment and high artistic level of participants’ performance.

The fundamental difference of this project from other music competitions is that it’s an absolutely new format: it calls out new untapped raw talents to put together interpreting songs of known artists and match them up as they so desire to bring out a completely new stuff.

It doesn’t start by putting them on stage with all the pressure but from their comfort zones to actually see their capabilities. The project is also about seeing the improvisation skills of these young people.

The TOP 3 selected candidates shall be groomed into their dreams through different music workshops, leadership skills talk, entrepreneurship programs, a monthly production of their audio and video mashup works for the period of one year.

The Penjo Studios Management shall also brand them not only in bringing out these talents but to build up morals so as to bring up musicians who will not only entertain but also educate and impact the society positively. After making their names known to the public through their different mashup productions, we will gradually guide them into their own musical career journey.

The Mission of “ The Hidden Voice” is to spot the best improvising performers. “The Hidden Voice”, by its essence, is an “Inter-net-producer”, which gives a fresh impetus to creative career and popularity of those young performers who as yet do not enjoy a great reputation.

Project goals are creation of objective rating of new performers’ improvisers, promotion of up-and-coming performers and attraction of interest of national and foreign community to the show and its participants.

The program is destined to answer for popularisation of our diverse culture and wide public recognition of performers’ talent. The novelty of “The Hidden Voice”: calling out new untapped talents to put together songs of known artists and match them up, as they so desire to bring out a completely new stuff.

The improvising young musicians are invited to participate in the contest and each competition day sets are formed from them by jury selection and viewers votes.

Participants of the contest MUST be unknown musicians, regardless of their age. The concept of the contest meets the actual world trends of culture popularisation.

Particularly it corresponds with the initiatives of UNESCO that has called the world community to active promotion of dialogue between cultures and generations through the music art.

The idea and content of “Mashup” has been highly estimated by many prominent cultural figures, music professionals, connoisseurs and experts of this high art.

The partners of the contest are prominent professional musical communities. The execution of the project will become a unique event in music world. Participation in it has already interested clubs and musicians from several parts of the country.

Wide advertising and coverage of the event on Internet, printed media and TV provide the attractiveness of this bright event.

We call on you to be part of this Hidden Voice show, which will create a platform to expose hidden talents and also promote the music culture.

The Hidden Voice is powered by Penjo Entertainment.


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