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Yung Meagan: “When You Have Big Natural Breats, They Sag”


Yung Meagan’s birthday was last week and her alleged boyfriend shared her photo wishing her a happy +1.

One thing that caught fans attention was the photo itself, her breast quite visible and fans criticized and body shamed her.

In response the rapper, made a post today stating;

Fans go crazy over Yung Megan’s Photo on KO-C page

“Damn I look good🤪
This picture has been criticized all over social media because of how saggy my breasts look and why I chose to wear such a dress that show my “ flaws” . 🙆🏾‍♀ ( I cannot come and kill myself mayne) To be honest, the insults don’t bother me, I love my tatas.✨This is what happens when you have big NATURAL breasts… they sag🤷🏾‍♀ What bothers me is how hypocritical society has made yall…because you criticize women who are comfortable in their natural bodies , and once they give in and find solace in surgery or getting enhancements, they get criticized too for being “ fake” or plastic. Bottom line, in life, do what you want to do. They will hate regardless. Just make sure you LOVE YOURSELF enough not to be affected by anyone’s opinion. It took years for me to love myself and boy, nobody can take that away from me today. Gotta drop the hate the way I drop my titties baby. All chicken no beef♥. #BlackGirlMagic available everywhere👑. 📸: @ko_c.official”


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