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KO-C : “I’m not the father and know nothing about that pregnancy “


Some months back when rumours hit our ears that Kamer rapper KO-C was romantically involved with rapper Yung Meagan it opened up a can of worms.

One of which was a story which involved upcoming video vixen Janistar Blanche and her alleged accusation of her getting pregnant for KO-C and him asking her to abort it.

The Big dreams entertainment artist never made a comment, and time went by.

This issue however is back in the spotlight as Janistar Blanche is now pregnant and released pregnancy pictures with her tummy having a microphone drawn on it.

Fans quickly linked both issue; insinuating that KO-C is the father of the pregnancy. KO-C in turn released the song “Ca a cuit” which talks about a woman getting pregnant and not knowing who her baby’s father is.

His move rather poured more fuel to the already blazing fire; as fans believe this story is about video vixen Janister Blanche.

Some hours ago, koc was guest at the Nabstar radio show where he said he’s not the father and knows nothing about the pregnancy and the ça à cuit song was written on February 2018 so it’s not related to the pregnancy rumors.

He also expressed regrets about going to Jovi because he admired and respect Jovi.



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