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Record Label Saga: Rapper Crispy Drags Former Label Online.


Over the years, several Cameroonian artists have gotten into contracts with record labels so as to boost their careers. Several of them have been signed underground; hidden from fans and top entertainment influencers.

We tend to know about these contracts when they fail or when both parties fall out; Kamer rapper Crispy is the perfect example of what not to do as an upcoming artist.

Few days ago he went on a Facebook rant about his record deal gone wrong with Ten12 Music Group record label based in the US.

He expressed his exploitation and the label’s lack of support for his latest record Badmanthing.

Crispy equally spoke of going the extra mile and providing additional funds for the track’s video clip shot by one and only Dr Nkeng Stephens.

This is yet another record label saga, and we hope artists get legal counsel and make sure they know exactly what they are getting into.

We expect better from our 237 industry that is currently gaining more grounds as the days go by.



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