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Alpha Better Records And Mr Leo Fighting To stay Relevant By All Means.


In 2017, Alpha Better Records was on all platforms,Tv stations and time line because they had hits everywhere.

That same year 2017, THE BALAFON MUSIC AWARD gave them a special price for their contribution to the industry.

Their lead Artist Mr Leo could also be awarded a prize for not only contributing to the development of the Alpha Better Record Glories but also the Cameroonian Music industry.

But right now , many argue he has slowly been losing his spark and is fighting hard to stay relevant.

On August 2018, Mr Leo released C’EST LA VIE Featuring SALATIEL and it was well received though many argued that he has left his normal “love preaching” and joined the “big boys group” because of his success (which is not bad).

On November 2018 he released C’EST PAS NOUVEAU and in the same November 2018 released another new song JE SUIS À TOI.

Now can someone tell me why an artist like Mr Leo and label like Alpha Better Records will release 2 songs in one month which were not double releases?

We can understand that Mr Leo and Alpha Better Records are fighting hard to stay relevant especially now that “The Lionn” is trying to do “big boy songs” and no longer his normal love tunes.

We end here for now ,wait for our next article on this.

This writer stands corrected…


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