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Is Jovi Aka MBOKOGOD A Legend In disguise?


From the days of DON 4 KWAT, Jovi has taken one big step to another. Some people say he influenced the growth of Cameroon mbokorap and that’s why he auto proclaimed himself MBOKOGOD there by giving hope and courage to many who couldn’t stand out to rap. However, he has been one of the most criticized artist in the industry for being unprofessional and self centered. Jovi is one of the artist that have suffered social media bullying in recent years because of his business ideologies, some accuse him of not helping the industry move forward like others are trying to.

If there’s an artist who has a repertoire that can be played nonstop for hours that should be JOVI. He’s still a music producer that has made stars, even though every music producer would like to sell his beats, this writer can not confidently confirm he has ever sold out his beat… As a matter of fact he has not gotten a beat tag so we might never know if he has ever sold out his beat to any artist or not.

In 2012 his Album H.I.V was released and well received in and out of Cameroon.
Since then the MBOKOGOD has been consistent both on music delivery and music production; recently very song from New Bell Music has been Produced by Jovi le Monstre.

Since this writer grew up knowing Jovi he has not seen him post photos with other Celebrities as other Celebrities do. Neither has he ever seen a Collaboration between Jovi and an artist out of New Bell Music except Mic Monsta.

In 2017, when compared to Stanley Enow, Jovi said he makes his money just sitting in his house.

His recent album GOD DON KAM has taken over social media with a huge success and sold out figures of about 50,000 copies in the last three days (1000 FRS CFA per album copy ) that was few days ago , so it might have increased (we are not saying it’s true or not).

There’s enough to write about the MBOKOGOD, but for now this writer will end here and will continue on a later date.
Keep visiting us and we’ll drop the continuation soon..

So should we say Jovi is a legend in disguise?


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