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SHURA Unveils New Project – TRANQUILLE [Spanking New]


Shura mama is back again with another hit song “Tranquille” under Stevens Music. The 237 artist took the country by storm with her track “Allez Dire” which was catchy and sent across a powerful and beautiful message of Love and Endurance. Now she’s back again with another danceable-catchy tune and we already for see its success. 

In this track, Shura talks about gossips who can’t help but talk about others and their lives. She goes on to say;

“Dem di do na your promo”

which means they indirectly make u famous / or showcase you to the world; so worry not about them.

This however is the official lyric video of this track done by Chuzih and we can see one of the Dibosso dancers too in it. Shura is seen makeup free, laying on a carpet and her warm smile just draws us in.

Kudos Shura, we will be on the lookout for this track’s wave of success.




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