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Kamer Singer Mimi Baya and Kamer Comedian Oboy Da Comic are expecting TWINS!


‘It takes two to tango’…

This phrase perfectly captures the very essence of the relationship between UK based Kamer artist Mimi Baya (Mimi De Londre) and Kamer comedian Oboy Da Comic.

After a sizzling romance that started during Mimi’s vacation in Cameroon late 2017, these two have just informed the world about the bundleS of joy they are expecting. 

Not once did they make their relationship official but they definitely did not hide their romance and kept on posting pictures and videos all through Mimi‘s stay in the country.

A source tells us, it was only upon her arrival in the UK, that Mimi Baya realised she was with child. Though unplanned, both lovers were able to keep it low key and do the grand revelation today via some maternity pictures.












With Oboy Da Comic already a father himself, it is safe to say he is ready for this responsibility. Mimi on the other hand, looks happy and stunning as she prepares to welcome her babies into the world.




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