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237 Industry Nyt: Wax Dey Offers To Pay For A DJ For Its Next Edition [Trending]


The Cameroon Industry Nyt held last night and had the likes of Montess, Benzil, Ngomba and many others performing at Chariot Hotel. Hosted by Brice Albin, this show followed a sequence of previous editions that were both applauded and shunned.

Nonetheless its organizers keep bringing it up and pulling a massive crowd to this infamous event filled with lots of controversy.

Its last edition had as controversy, organizers failing to openly state the entry fee to the event and comedian Calvino Wallang tabled his concern on social media.

This year however, placed the DJ of the event, DJ Carter on a hot seat. He was accused of playing loads of Nigerian tracks to what is considered an all Cameroon entertainment night.

Social media posts popped-up through the day and this led to Cameroonian artist Wax Dey to make a statement few minutes ago.

Now this has always characterized the 237 Industry Nyt and we do hope with time everything falls in place with time. xoxo



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