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Fans Go Wild Over LOCKO At Challenge Vacances [Video]


Renowned artist Locko performed at the holiday talent show “Challenge Vacances” and his locomotives went wild on rampage.

There is no more questioning about LOCKO’s angelic voice and the pleasurable chills we get when we listen to his songs, so fans were extremely delighted to see him on such a humble arena.

Now the ladies lost it upon mere sight of the great vocalist, rushing to the stage like there were no bouncers to protect the national treasure. They could be seen in tears, yelling, singing and almost in a trance of this music personality.

Locko captioned the video “That moment when you realize you have the best fans in the world… Thanks God, Thank you the Locomotive, I love you for real”. I assure you this video will make you feel all warm inside, that’s the power of music.

Watch below, comment too. xoxo





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