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MAIN Music Gets Rid Of Artist ARRÉ [ECLUSIVE]


Kamer artist Arré has been dismissed form his record label Main Musik. The US based Cameroonian record label just released a statement informing the public about this decision.

Buea based artist Arré has been under the radar for some time now following the release of his song Low Waist” which was a great piece of music with a professionally produced video clip.

But what went wrong with his record label?, why would such a label let go of their forerunner artist ? and to top it up a talented one.

“Working with Arré was both a good and bad experience…”, “… working with another artist presently..”, with these phrases we kind of already now this was not an easy decision to make, well, we have some digging in to do to get some answers.


With this press release, we reminiscence Arré’s musical journey, watch Low Waist below and we do hope Arré continues his musical voyage and we just can not wait to see Main Musik‘s new artist. xoxo




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