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Coco Argentée and Reniss Bonding In Abidjan, Ivory Coast


Reniss has completely re-branded herself as a bikutsi artist in the Kamer music-sphere. What better confirmation of her musical turn than a concert with Kamer lead female bikutsi star Coco Argentée in Abidjan, Ivory Coast.

These two have been seen bonding during this little musical escapade. Lots of pics have been put up for fans worldwide and we are so excited about this unity.

This is a great deal for Reniss who is finally getting her own deals and shows separate from that of her famous boss’ Jovi le monstre. We hope she does not play a fast one on us by changing yet again her brand of music.

Reniss has had a lot on her plate for a while now, with the release of hit tracks like “La Sauce“, “Pilon” and ” Dashiki” and Coco Argentée is one of Kamer top Bikutsi queen, we are on the lookout for the concert in Abidjan.

Thumbs up for the recognition and the 237 music collaboration. Check out  the pics below.












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