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[Spotlight] Eddy Bee – Thank You


Eddy Besong aka Eddy Bee is a Kamer Afro beat and R&B artist with a large assorted repertoire of music style and blend. In his early age as a teen, Eddy joined a choir while enrolled at the Sasse College, his love for music became an obvious reality.

In the music arena since the year 2009, he released a mix tape “The Cameroonian Dream” in 2010 while in a trio – Avinu C, made up with of members Naomi ‘The Queen of Bamenda’ Achu and H ‘The Hot Spitter’ Bolo. Moving to the US, Eddy released his first official single and video “I Want To Marry You“,  in December 2014, which was shot in Atlanta, Georgia, in a beautiful state park complete with waterfalls amid lush autumn colors, beautiful dancers and

models. Pursuing his passion for music, he released his 2nd single this year “Thank You” aimed at creating a feeling of gratitude.Later this year, Eddy Bee will be releasing his debut album “The Eddy Bee Show” which will be a melange of African and World Gospel and RnB.

Get in touch in Eddy Bee via Facebook: Eddy Bee, Snapchat: EddyBee, Instagrameddybesong.xoxo


Watch “I Want To Marry You” directed by MT. Muna below

Watch “Thank You” directed by MT. Muna below



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