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What Was He Thinking? Ambe’s Half Naked Picture Has Fans In Anger


Kamer artist Ambe is famous for his songs “Rendez-Vous”, “Double Double”, “Petit á Petit” and several others. With time fans worldwide have fallen in love with the positive messages in his songs and well shot video clips.

But what’s for sure Kamer music lovers did not see this one coming… As Ambe Tembong poses almost nude in his cover art for his upcoming album/single “La Star”, covering on his male private part.

Total hysteria!!! What was Ambe thinking? Why is trying to copy Petit pays madness? He just ruined his career! several fans say.

Is this the price to pay for fame and success? To create buzz? What a way to make a statement Ambe, making way to your album/single “LA STAR” scheduled for its release June 30, 2016.

Je le connais mm pas ! Artiste insignifiant si grâce à ça tu veux te faire un nom !!! Très bon feignant tu es !!! Bravo

Who obliged him to act this way? Abi na kolo mental or na request from his man made god? What i know is that when level change, character change as well.

Tu cache même quoi hé Didon les artistes de pacotille tu chante même quoi tu es un danger pour la nations minarni

 Ambe tu es près a tout pour te faire remarquer c’est pathétique tu me déçois beaucoup si c est la condition je fuis moi ohhhhhhh ce n’est pas le petit a petit que u as. Chante la tu me connais je te dis ça face a face

 petit pays fait les choses ici dehors…. apres plusieurs otres artites toi osi tu poste ta part de… de… de… ah en tout cas ces bio coe bien

Rien ne me surprend plus ds fête vie d merde il pense avoir tro fait en sé présentant nu hélas c est périmé il fo k il ne donne sa tête o. Tchop

Seems like talent is no longer enough, half naked pics are now trending. Well, hopefully it all works out great for his project.

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