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MC Calvino Kamer’s Rising Comedian. #IdiLaf


12695856_882273131889480_104544876_nLet’s start the week with some humor.

Today we profile Kamer’s rising comedian MC Calvino , who is gradually gaining grounds in the Cameroon entertainment industry.

Here we go..





Lady-T: Who is MC Calvino?

12695972_882259451890848_1778614398_nMC Calvino: MC Calvino  is an upcoming, young and energetic stand up comedian and a lively radio presenter.

Lady-T: When did you know you had it in you to be a comedian?

MC Calvino : I have been funny since I was a baby, but I only found out a funny person is referred to as a comedian 18 years later.

: Who gave you the very first platform to debut on?


MC Calvino : The very first stage I mounted in the vest of a comedian was in High School back at Sofati Kumba all orchestrated by Hon. Agbor Nduku, then coordinator of the communication and animation troupe (CAT) school theatre troupe. I remember the slogan back then “In CAT we act”. I owe him everything I am today. It was never easy with him though.

Lady-T: How difficult did you think it’d be?

12674179_882250325225094_1631725201_n (1)MC Calvino :  Well I might have thought it would be an easy journey pursuing my dream as a comedian but believe me making people laugh is not as easy as making them cry or sad.

Lady-T: Studies and your Career how do you blend both?

MC Calvino : Truth be told, I have not been able to merge both, I dropped out of School in my first year at the University. I pray I have the patience to continue someday.

Lady-T: For now how many people have you worked with?

MC Calvino :  I have worked with so many people so far. From Kumba to Buea, 12695979_882250335225093_1833280938_nLimbe, Tiko, Yaounde and back to Buea. Above all, I respect the work I did with Oboy at the Oboy Comedy Show in Yaounde.

: What projects do you dream of achieving someday?

MC Calvino : Win a Canal d’or, celebrate my birthday with BasketMouth as we share the same birthday, Host Comedy Central’s Daily Show and make my mum proud.

Lady-T: Do you think the Cameroonian entertainment industry is an easy one?

MC Calvino :  Sure, the industry is very easy…. Just as Emmanuel Kimbi sang “Na we di complicatam”

12674285_882249385225188_108113253_nLady-T: What was your most memorable performance?

MC Calvino :  The Oboy Comedy Show Fresh Planeta Restaurant, Obili Yaounde. Last December 12th.

Lady-T: Any words for people with the same passion you have?

MC Calvino : Be funny enough. I di laf.

Watch more of his videos here; #1 #2 #3

Follow MC Calvino on Instagram/Twitter @mccalvinow and on Facebook www.facebook.com/comicmccalvino

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Have a laugh with Kamer’s comedian MC Calvino.

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