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The Week in Retrospect: What went down in the Cameroon Entertainment Industry this week.


PhotoGrid_1454766824156We debuted this week with…

Trouble in paradise:

After more than 7 Years of being a mistress to worldwide superstar Samuel Eto’o, former air hostess Nathalie Koah writes her auto biography “Revenge Porn”.








Revenge-Porn-e1454487640531With the availability of this book online, readers worldwide get to explore the secret and disturbing world of the football legend Eto’o Fils.

This week was therefore inundated with worldwide reactions (videos, pictures, comments, emojis etc). What’s for sure, the Nathalie-Eto’o saga will definitely continue trending for weeks to come… Oualala, these celebs.




Dusty Longue Longue:

longue_longue_cin_19022015_001_ns_600Famous Cameroonian musician Longue Longue made news this week as he was caught on camera beating up a taxi driver in the town of Douala. Reports have it that this altercation resulted due to a road dispute between both men and the musician’s kid brother.

It was thus with great stupor that we could see the artist fighting with the driver and of course stirred up by side comments.

Well, Well, Well… What else can we say? Drama! Watch Here…


12650882_1186733701341547_9149598333829199404_nLet’s put aside all the drama and get down to real hard work and art:

Cameroon singer Mel B debuted the week with the unveiling of her song “Ndelé” (Love). This song once more confirms the lyrical and vocal strength of this Buea based artist. We can’t wait for its video clip. Listen…





IMG-20150822-WA0003We equally had the release of the video clip “Me $ You” by the Cameroonian duo Rhythmz. Shot in Buea by director Nkeng Stephens, this video is yet another great piece by Dr. Nkeng. However, we must admit that the beat is quite similar to the song “Dancia” done by the duo and the group X Maleya. That notwithstanding, kudos to No Hits No Records recording studio for yet again another nice piece of music. Take a look…




Cover-ShaléAlso, we had the long awaited release of the video clip “Shalé” by the duo Fluri Boys. What’s for sure these two have a great communications team, as they created a lot of online buzz about this release. It was thus with great pleasure that we got to view this spanking new video, beautifully shot.  Shalé guys. Watch the video here…




12650854_1753994244830974_4802359050667109424_nMain Musik artist Arré worked hard this week as he focused on the shooting of his video clip “LowWaist”. Few shots were found online as he had a romantic dinner with model/actress Malvis-Ann Mohvu at Cattle Ranch in Bamenda. While wating for the video clip, we keep supporting good music.




12654467_1031477516874829_2665154754951745988_nEqually, several artists reported present at the 50th anniversary monument Buea for a grand concert. Blaise Bsings, Mel B, Dr. Sley, Mr. Leo, Salatiel, Ewube, Coolkid, Beatballer, Daphné and several others thrilled music lovers with great music.





12645099_10156494273855511_4607624700310690919_nWe end the week, with Mic Monsta celebrating his birthday in style… Lots of birthday wishes and love, and we can tell that the rap sensation has great fan base. He returned the favor by uploading a freestyle video of himself. Watch Here…  This for sure gladdened his fans… How we wish everyday was your bday Mic.



That’s all we could gather… Remember keep supporting Cameroon Entertainment.


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