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Unity Day Celebration; An Utopia.

The Cameroon Flag.
The Cameroon Flag.

I truly do not like any political issue, anything related with the government or constitutions and others. One of such issues is the 20th May celebration, yep! I do not really celebrate it. However, it is an important day for my country so I acknowledge it – that’s the least I can do.

Nonetheless, I have no memory about the unity day celebration from my childhood days till date; all I did was sit home, eat and fall asleep. It was just a normal day in my life.

So what precisely is this day? On May 20th 1972, Cameroonians voted in a national referendum for a unitary state leaving behind the federal state. So globally it is just a day to celebrate the unity between French and Southern Cameroons, it is a day Cameroon became one.

But how true is this statement? How valid is it? Are we really united? Are we really one? I think we fall short when it comes to unity and equality, this is one of the reasons I do not like getting into politics.

43 years gone and we celebrate this day by march passes and speeches in every corner of the nation, places are kept clean and above all it is a public holiday. But we fail to do an appraisal of the country’s unity; rather each year the routine is done and the essence of this day is lost.

So what should be done? Debates, talk shows, seminars and other sensitization campaigns should be held to highlight the importance of this day and explain how unity and equality can be maintained. Many children nowadays do not truly understand the importance of this day; all that’s left are celebrations.

Cameroon’s arm force. (Mt Cameroon Fm Images)
Arm forces marching pass. (Mt Cameroon Fm Images)
Security ensured by the police (Mt. Cameroon Fm Images)



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