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Fragrances; They Linger!

A great number of fragrances to choose from. (aqua pharmacy images)

Everyone wakes up in the morning and dresses up in order not to be alienated in the society. Over the years dressing does not only sum up to clothes, far from that. Rather it consists of clothes, shoes and most especially fragrances.

Fragrances or perfumes are body lotions used to make one smell good. It is therefore necessary to have a fragrance or deodorant that gives you an identity. Nothing is more satisfying than when someone walks pass you and a sweet fragrance still lingers around or when you hug a loved one and just cannot let goo due to the fragrance they are wearing.

Walking all day and night makes us sweaty and unpleasant; we cannot prevent this because it is biological. However, it can be remedied by using deodorants and fragrances; this makes it possible for people to have you around.

Choosing the right fragrance is not an easy task as certain people go the opposite direction with regards to this. For women, choose a fragrance which has a sweet smell and a feminine nature and void very pungent fragrances. A lady needs to ALWAYS wear a perfume; she needs to leave a mark as she walks by. That is the strength of a fragrance.

For men however, Fragrances need to reflect a masculine and bold nature. Wear fragrances that tell people you are authoritative and commanding and make it possible for a woman to a smile on while hugging you.

How to wear a fragrance; Putting on a fragrance is quite technical. Do not just spray a lot of it on you; rather wear your fragrance by spraying it behind your ears, in your armpits and below both palms. But remember, deodorants are meant to be sprayed only in your armpit as they fight against sweat, so do not wear it like a fragrance.

Some common, affordable and yet very pleasant fragrances women can wear are All Day girl, Eskoda, Eiffel Balnaeo, Bons Bons Malizia etc and for men one can get Axe, Hugo Boss, Bond etc.



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