Ambe’s Message To The Youths.

  Have a look at the powerful message Camer musician Ambe sent out to the youths… “Today i pray more of our youths get caught up with the extend of which life can pressurize u, “Buea girl this” “Bushfaller” that… For me TheKey🔑 to succeed is to be very aware, accept and be comfortable with ur background, be […]

It’s A No Show For the Locko / Fluri Boys Concert In Buea

  For several days renowned artist Locko; author of hit songs “Margo” and “Ndutu” was announced in a never before seen event in Buea alongside the duo Fluri Boys. Lots of publicity and lots of excited ladies preparing for this event.  Scheduled for March 24th, this event fell flat as the show was canceled. Sad right? Well […]


Wednesday 23rd of March, will go down in history as the day two great artists lyrically clashed under the Punchline umbrella. For those who have limited knowledge regarding the Punchline event, let me fill you in. Well, Punchline is an arena used to showcase raw talent; as two artists are placed on the ring and left to lyrically […]