Category: What’s Making News In Africa?

Brand New Comedy Series With Doctor Black

Comedy is still a virgin grround in the 237 entertainment industry and it is with great satisfaction that we have minds like E-M-E Comedy in the game. With its comedy series, E-M-E production unveils young talents in the comedy milieu. Produced by Wirkom Emmanuel S. of E Media Empire, this comedy series is one to […]

Travelling to Kuwait… BEWARE!

 “Travelling to Kuwait”… this is a phenomenon that has gripped our Cameroonian society. Young girls tend to be excited when they envisage themselves travelling to Kuwait to get a job. Some of these young girls are often in search of a job or greener pastures, while others are just attracted by “flashy things”. These young […]


I have had pets all my life; I became fond of them over the years and they played an important role in my teenage years. Especially DOGS! I they understand people easily; they are like our buddies that make us laugh when we are sad and that hangout with us when we are bored to […]

Female Genital Mutilation: The Bitter Truth.

The beauty of Africa is its culture; it is inundated with rituals, folklore, myths, rites, beliefs, traditions and upbringings that can hardly be found elsewhere.  There are certain practices that mold its people that cannot be learnt anywhere else. Its culture could not be filled with blessings though, this brings to light some aspects that […]

The “Mugu” Concept.

Relations are based on love, trust and commitment… yep that is the ideal way relationships ought to be. Having someone who calls you as soon as the sun rises just to wish you a good morning, or someone who sends you an SMS in the middle of the day just to say I Love You […]