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The Legend of Wazal – A ‘Wazalkaliflagilistik’ Story

A story by Ayissi Nga Joseph Marie   Translated by Tina Nalova Ikome-Likambi      Once upon a time, in the Far North Region of Cameroon, there was a small village called WAZALVILLE and its people – the Wazalgeois. In this small kingdom filled with natural resources and traditions, its inhabitants lived in harmony with the beauty of the wildlife and nature that surrounded them, the red […]

Tikay’s Bridal Exhibition Loading…

Tikay’s Bridal Wedding Exhibition is an event organised with the primary focus to showcase Tikay’s Bridal Brand (Website, Magazine and wedding planning services) and market the online issue together with all her services. It equally aims at celebrating the Cameroonian wedding culture, by bridging the gap that exists between wedding vendors and potential/actual clients.

Pentagon Arts Exhibition : Drawing The Elites

Few days a go, an art exhibition took place at the Open Commons of the University of Buea where lovers of arts quenched their thirst for genuine and unadulterated talent, showcased by the Pentagon team. Comprising of 5 members; 4 of which are artists, this movement has a motive to prove to the world the […]