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Kameni: “By this hustle my mum was able to raise me”


Lionn Production’s female artist, Kameni just shared an emotional story.

Through a photo she took in the market where her mum sells tomatoes and Okro; she talks about her mum and how she sold commodities to raise her.

Read what she said below;

“Erase my story and there is nothing left of me. I decided to take a trip to my past, helping my mum with her business; it got me thinking really deep;

Small as it looks, it’s with this hustle that Mama was able to raise the Kameni I am today. I remember the sweat, the struggles, the down moments and the failures.

Through it all I had this dream, a very scary dream I must say but looking at myself today I can boldly say There are no limits to where your dreams can take you.

By the grace of God and the bravery of my mum, I’ve kept this dream alive and kept my fire burning. Each day I wake up with and image of of my past, a working plan and an image if where I’m heading. I embrace my story, I accept my realities and I valorize everyone who helps me up my life ladder.

I want to encourage every young person out there to find a genuine hustle, work consistently and trust the process. Patience is key.

#TeamKameni #MyIdentity #NayoNayo”


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