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Askia Launches a Bag Concert and says it’s here to stay.


Sabuc music Artist Askia releases her BAG series after previously unveiling several episodes with many Cameroonian female musicians.

Sharing the flyer this morning, Mami Bakala dropped a caption saying;

“The concept of BAG is not just for the moment .
It is a platform that on the long run will unite every female artist as i hope. Wish your sister success, wish her happiness ,wish her love and prosperity.Feel her pain and cover her from backlash in the moment of Shame.Just have a pure heart. I hope that in the future when a sister falls we can all unite to help her rise again. BAG is not all about performing together and rapping to have fun or entertain our fans. It’s about Unity ,peace ,love understanding and above all being a sisters keeper. The final flyer will be out soon along side Tickets for the show. I have called every Female i know, if a person is not on any of the flyers @Prodigy’sBlog made then its because they refused to pick up the phone when i called or didn’t call me at all. I wish nothing but the best for them. Watch out for the Final flyer and Tickets.

Mami Bakala”

We wish her the best on her contributions in the music industry.


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