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Here are the list of songs and views Mr Leo lost to hackers on YouTube


Weeks ago, hackers stumped on Mr Leo’s YouTube channel and Instagram accounts.

They hacked his YouTube channel thereby deleting his videos that had several millions of views but thankfully his Instagram was successfully recovered.

Below is the list of songs and the number of views that were deleted…

The List of Mr. Leo – Artist songs deleted by hackers from YouTube;

J’taime ft Hiro- over 5 million views
-C’est faux-1.7 million views
-Partout- 2.6 million views
-Pray -over 600k views
-Femme ft Rude Bway- over 300k views
-Je suis moi comme ça ft Fanicko- over 2million views
-J’suis désolé- 3.2 million views
-Jamais Jamais remix ft Flavour-over 1 million views
-On se connais pas – 1.9 million views
-C’est la vie ft Salatiel- over 600k views
-C’est pas nouveau – over 600k views
-J’ suis à toi -over 700k views
-Patronne- 789k views
-Amen- 2.1 million views.

We all know how hard it is for an artist to get YouTube views in Cameroon.

We hope he gets over it and tries getting back the views if possible.


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