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Jenister Blanche Says She Spent Over 1 million CFA for her Ça a cuit cover.


Cameroonian video vixen and wannabe musician Jenister Blanche says she spent over 1.7 million Frs CFA for the Production and promo of her CA A CUIT cover.

Here is a breakdown of the project;

_Audio production =185k
_Video production =800k
_make up dressing etc=200k

She goes on to explain that she knew after releasing this project, she’ll become a Super Star and followed through after being encouraged by many.

We all know her “ça a cuit” cover was in response to the original version made by KO-C whom many alleged was an attack on Jenister Blanche though he refuted the claim on Nabil radio show.

KO-C : “I’m not the father and know nothing about that pregnancy “

Check her post below.

This Facebook is the cause of my depression
_When I announced I was to drop a cover of “Ca Cuit” You guys applauded, many called, many messaged me. Even some established artists called and encouraged me to do so.
I knew I was to be a superstar and talk of Cameroon music Industry for about three months, I had to rush to the studio recorded and shot a video. Released my cover art, was receiving praises from left and right especially from established artists ( funny part na say dem no be sharam poor me 😭) With all the praises I was very excited that I had to pay heavily for the production of that cover(Branding Jenistar Blanche 😂 since I always insult artists who don’t pay producers I had to do more x 4)
Budget for that cover ⬇⬇
_Audio production =185k
_Video production =800k
_make up dressing etc=200k
For those doubting
Check here
The day of my release I no be di salute person cuz I knew I was to be a superstar as from that day, Salatiel working with Beyonce was good news to you guys and a sad one to me (though am happy for him) cuz he killed my trending, Wan shey also contributed cuz he released that day.
Wuna hype me I take all pikin e money weh yi pa be settle me witam putam for music. Now see where I am, selling groundnut to survive the life of me and my unborn triplets.
Don’t follow the crowd
Especially on Facebook
All man for this App na Hypocrite, fake love, fake life fake everything.
Never give up no matter the situation, work hard, be committed, believe in your self put God first in all you do. One day your sun go shine.
Photo credit Brians Lee”


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