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Mel B Akwen: “Daphne disrespected me in the past”


Mel B Akwen recently granted an interview with the Cameroonian web Magazine Laura Dave media.

In it she talks about her relationships with different Cameroonian Artists especially her experience with Daphne.

She talks about her experience by saying Daphne approached her; expressing her desire to work on the track BLACKY WOMAN.

Both ladies went ahead and worked on it, but that was before Daphne’s hit single Calée; once Daphne became a household name she didn’t share or promote “Blacky Woman” and Mel B had no choice but take it down from YouTube.

She was quick to voice out her concerns about the lack of friendship between her and fellow artists.

More details Here:ENTRETIEN AVEC Mel B Akwen : « Daphné m’avait manqué de respect et cela m’a énormément touché ».

The “Ndele” singer mentioned Blanche Bailly and Mr Leo not picking up her calls and for that reason she decided to stay on her lane and pave her way all by herself.


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