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Do Video Directors Play A Vital Role In the Industry?


Years ago the industry couldn’t boldly say it had video directors that could produce video clips of high quality that could compete with others in the international scene.

Most Cameroonian videos were not shown on International tv stations but today looking at an international Music tv channel we can identifying several Cameroonian videos thanks to our video directors.

Let’s talk about video directors who have proven their worth and earned our respect;

We begin with video director extraordinaire Dr Nkeng Stephens, Ns Pictures, Adrenaline, February 16, Yonka films, Adah Akenji, Sharmack, Mosima P, late Regis Talla  and several others.

Nkeng Stephens who has not only taken the industry hostage with beautiful videos but has also played a vital role in the music Industry’s growth.

He currently has several awards to his name and keeps setting the bar very high when it comes to the production of breathtaking video clips.

As the years go by we look forward to many more video directors and more sophisticated video clips.

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