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Realm Squad finally free from Lolhiphop records


Around a year ago, Lolihiphop music and the duo Realm Squad flooded social media with messages about their fall out and lack of understanding.

In a statement released by the record label, Realm Squad did not respect the terms of their contract; it also included the duo working on projects without the labels authorization this led to the duo having a debt of 3 million Frs owed.

Failure to do so, they were still legally bound to the record label and were not authorized to engage in any musical project not backed by Lolhiphop records.

This morning, the CEO of Lolhiphop records – Wax Dey made a tweet saying Realm Squad is now completely free from their recording contract with Lolhiphop.

From the tweet ; Wax Dey suggests this issue was brought before of the duo member’s mother.

We are glad to finally see this issue resolved, and hope both parties can now positively contribute to the growth of the Cameroon entertainment industry.

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