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Tzy Panchak – Na so ft Vernyuy Tina, Cleo Grae and Vivid [Review]


Blu nation soldier Tzy Panchak recently unveiled the studio video of his track “Na So” which features talented Cameroonian artists Vernyuy Tina, Cleo Grae and Vivid. 

The 5 minutes track talks about the struggles we face as we try to attain success in life. All wrapped up in a melodious tune, this video was shot by Mr Adrenaline and presents to the public super talented upcoming artists we hope will soon become household names.

Tzy Panchak uses his iconic voice to deliver a soulful chorus that leads us into their verses;


Cleo Grae talks about the envy and hatred we get from people once success knocks on our door, in a rhythmic tune he raps his way into her hearts by preaching for love and togetherness.

Like an angel Vernyuy Tina gets our attention; the lone girl in the group sings her verse with a unique voice and such ease that takes our breath away till the very end. With a twist of her vernacular she spices up her lyrics and says; “… so when the world calls me an impediment, I just put my head down to he who is not of this world” – Now that’s how you leave a long lasting impression to music lovers out there.

Vivid steps the grove up with his fun and goofy moves as well as his lyrics that talk about shunning bad energy and staying focus on your dreams. Vivid shows his versatility by singing in French and delivering just as good as when he sung in English.

Kudos to Tzy Panchak and the entire Blu Nation Team for making this possible; providing an opportunity for such talented individuals to take the forefront on this project and also summing it all up with a good message of endurance.

Follow them on IG : @cleograe @vividsmith @vernyuytinamusic

Watch the video below.

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