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Music Buisness Expert Rene Matik Accused of Being A Scammer


Going through my Facebook’s news feed we stumbled on a post made by Cameroonian uprising producer Cadex .

In it he explains how he just got scammed by music business expert Rene Immortal Matik.

He explains; Rene Matik was initially contacted to help create a VEVO YouTube account for rising star Briana Lesley in other to do so he required access to all her social media platforms so as to link them up with VEVO.

Cadex further on explains that Rene received 50,000frs and never fulfilled his end of the bargain; he even made matters worst by logging into Briana’s twitter account and posting without her concent.

He didn’t end there, he went ahead to create a new Facebook account named Ripper Flex, uploaded Briana Lesley’s photos with his contact listed for bookings.

Rene was also the only person excluding the video director and Briana herself , to have had the video “Faut pas juger”; and he went ahead to upload the video 4 weeks early to a newly created YouTube channel he has exclusive access to.

This goes against the agreed release date Briana Lesley had intended for her comeback.

According to Cadex, Rene equally changed some informations from her accounts and actually made her see her normal YouTube account like a 3rd party.

Cadex after pointing out all these issues, is asking Rene to apologise publicly.

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