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Is Nkeng Stephens really destroying Pascal’s career?


Few days ago, a beef between Pascal and his former boss and mentor Jovi escalated on Twitter.

It all started with Jovi explaining Pascal’s talent and how Pascal disrespected him and shedding light on how their song “Check Sense” came about.

While doing this he praised his artist Tata whom he said might be releasing an album soon.

So the frenzy began, with fans sharing tweets on social media platforms.

Pascal praised Jovi for his mentorship and love since he met and signed him under New Bell Music.

Via tweets, he mentioned his respect for Mboko God ; but quickly turned the whole situation around once he released this diss track “Devil Nodi Sleep” on Jovi’s “Devil Nodi Sleep” beat where he addressed Jovi personally.

Renowned video director Nkeng Stephens shared the song ; appreciating Pascal’s rap and offering a free video if need be.

This resulted in an uproar; some of his followers started bashing Dr Nkeng Stephens accusing him of fueling the problem between Pascal and Jovi.

Others accused him of being a hypocrite; trying in his own way to destroy Pascal’s career.

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