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Cameroonian Movies Getting International recognition


The Cameroonian movie industry has grown rapidly to the extent of it being compared to the music sector.

In last few years we’ve seen the production of several movies featuring Nollywood actors like Jim Ike, Alex Dokubo, and also Cameroonian actors featuring Nollywood movies like Soli Egbe.

We’ve also seen Cameroonian movies bagging international award nominations and Cameroonian actors like Alenne Menget bringing home international awards ahead of big Nollywood actors.

It doesn’t end there, Cameroonian movies now show among other African and Hollywood movies on international flights like A MAN FOR THE WEEKEND by SYNDY EMADE and Itambi Delphine.

Right now, we can’t mention all the movies being premiered on a monthly basis; this shows that the Cameroon movie industry is finally getting the recognition it deserves.

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