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Cameroonian Artists Don’t Lead The Billboard For Long, Why?.


They say the key to success in showbiz is consistency especially in the music industry; this is for sure one of the reasons why many Cameroonian musicians have become household names.

Over the years many artists have released hit songs but failed to remain on the top of their success; some of them include Duc Z, Franko, Gasha, Dynasty Le Tigre , Tenor.

What did they do wrong? Why didn’t they stick to their fame and remain on the top?

Why do most Cameroonian artists not lead the billboard for long, Who do we Blame ?

Could this be due to the type of songs they release? Their fans? Lack of support or pride?

We have two cases; Tenor and Franko both artists had the whole country under their musical spell , with millions of views on YouTube, they both were on the top of their game.

Since Tenor got signed to Universal Music Africa he is no longer on the music scene, falling off the grid completely.

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