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Singer Locko Philosophies on his career and personal life.


The Rising Star of Cameroonian urban music highlights a part of his busy life as an artist. Locko through this mini-series available on the YouTube account of its label “Yema tv” wants to create proximity to the public. It must be said that the singer is about to release his second album entitled “Cloud 9” on May 31st. A golden opportunity to whet the curiosity and appetite of fans.

Episode 1: the prelude

This first episode is a presentation of the artist. We discover Locko relaxed philosophizing about his success sitting on a leather sofa near a coffee table where are a glass and a bottle of whiskey. A brand of liquor whose locko is the muse of where the product placement. The singer reveals in this video his assiduity at work but also his hobbies like video games (football). An activity he likes to practice with his family.

A series that has sprouted in Locko’s head knows the help and support of a production team worthy of a cinematographic work. From the logo to the place where he is interviewed, everything is done to immerse the viewer in the chic and glamorous universe of the singer. A very fantasy vision that differs from the scenes of real life. The language elements used by Locko are neat, no question of using slang terms. The audience, no matter where they are, must understand the artist’s words easily. While waiting for the next episode, we can see at this first episode a rather successful appetizer.

We also observe that the young artist gets acquainted with the new musical trends to get back to level. An attitude that proves that the singer knows that his career can switch from good to bad at anytime.

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