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Waxdey Explains How He got Involved In An Accident along The Yaounde-Douala High way…


Calabash Music CEO Wax Dey shares a near death experience on the Douala-Yaounde High way.

According to his explanation; he was on his way to Yaounde to perform on a wedding.

He had however considered canceling this performance; however he decided to go and ended up in an accident on the Douala – Yaounde highway.

Read his explanation below

This is how I got my first accident on the Dla-Yde highway… something tell me say cancel da show, I say I must only go because dem no di fail bride for yi married day!!! Na yi weh I enter highway. For road I see say driver dong tire. I say make I drive. Then some woman yi brakes fail for ma back while truck spoil, stop, for ma front for middle road for hill for Mbankomo – and BANG!!!! 🙆🏾‍♂️ her airbags went off, so we lifted her to safety in my car and spent 2 hours sympathizing with and taking care of her, her daughter and 3 grandkids while help arrived – and another 3 on chasing police reports
before making it just in time for my performance. I wasn’t even worried about the incident – but abt the old woman who was in deep shock . I’m actually quite thankful to God that her brakes failed in front of ME… for some reason, I think I helped her absorb the shock. I have to lose my car for a week or 2 for repairs, but they were an adorable family who just averted a potentially mortal situation!!! There was even some humour to the situation: the police at Odza were fans, so they let me change to my performance outfit in the police cell 😂 and took lots of selfies before “setting me free”… and at 2am, when I told my guys I dont feel like sleeping in Yde, they thought it was a joke!!! But we headed back to Dla, stopped at Manhattan Snack at 5am, the manager offered us a bottle of champagne and booked us for a show there and then, and I was “in bed” on my couch at 6am. How about that for weekend action!!! Happy Sunday.

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