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Mic Monsta and Jovi Battle Over Kwata Name.


On his normal Twitter rant Jovi just revealed that after dropping Don 4 kwat in 2010 he saw alot of “Kwata” names attached to brands like Kwata Music, Kwata Blog, Kwata TV.

He went on to add the “rat” we compare him to is under a heavy Jovi influence.

Could this be an indirect way of him asking a “thank you” from all the people mentioned above?

KWATA Music CEO , Mic Monsta saw this and replied to Jovi by saying; after dropping “Kwata State Of mind” he got Inspired to build and work on the kwata music sound and reached out to Jovi for a verse which would have been his own way of taking credits of the Kwata Music movement.

Read screenshots below.

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