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New movie coming up: NMELI (Read More About It)


The Cameroonian movie industry like the music industry has gotten a fast growth in recent times making the industry a vibrant one.

Talking about the movie industry, Hybrid Productions has decided to bring forth a new baby that will put every movie lover amazed with a new movie entitled NMELI.

Nmeli takes us to the Bakweri culture where it centers around the treatment of Menstruation and albinism.
This seen through Namondo and her friend who is an albino name Ngwa.

The cruel and unfair treatment of albinos have been subjected to as tradition demands which is eventually passed from one generation to the other

Ngwa is considered a taboo according to the tradition but the only friend she has is Namondo but Namondo’s father tries everything to stop them to the extent of trying to send him and his mum out of the community.

Namondo’s father, a custodian of tradition is particularly pained at his daughter’s association with “the taboo” and he stops at nothing to get Ngwa and his mother out of the community. In a twisted turn of events, his daughter Namondo falls prey to “tradition” as her long awaited mentrual cycle (Her first Moon) starts in public, something which by tradition is a taboo, and punishable by death.

The Movie is Written and Produced by KARL NJUMA, screenplay by KARL SAFINDAH, Directed by ANURIN NWUNEMBOM, D.o.p by YINBAIN EMILE-AIME CHAH, Edited by ACHILE BRICE

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